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"In vinyl"

Jouir began as a platform to share clothing, ultimately resulting in “In Vinyl,” which emphasizes fashion’s effects on a character’s life. While immersing viewers in the New Jersey indie rock and psychedelic music scene that Tatinna Dominguez and Alexia Pereyra call home, the film also showcases the many dimensions fashion contains using intentional directing and styling.


Download premium png of Vinyl record png sticker, ripped paper transparent background by N

In producing “In Vinyl,” both Dominguez and Pereyra discovered they could be fashion re-sellers simultaneously as storytellers. The pair sourced and reworked all clothing in the film from scratch–transforming pieces like old tablecloths and vintage items into upcycled works of art. Experimenting with unconventional things, the pair was able to breathe new life into previously discarded clothing and reimagine it on screen. “In Vinyl'' marks Jouir’s place as a Fashion-film platform – a small but essential genre they are “working to expand.”


Watch the excitement and possibility for creativity Jouir has curated unfold and get lost within the music, fashion and story of “In Vinyl.” 

Clothing can change the trajectory of a human’s experience. Through each film, our characters find new beginnings, live in fantasy worlds, and find unexpected confidence when they step into an outfit. We provide an image for that feeling all of us get when we put on an outfit that perfectly embodies every part of us. It’s truly magical when one finds themself through their style. It’s cinematic! Clothing can live many lives. With Jouir, we also want to stress the importance of upcycling. In our films, all of the clothing is sourced second-hand and reimagined. Old table clothes, hand-me-downs, and thrift finds have all been made into wearable art.”


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