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"storybook lane"

by Mallory Plemons
storybook lane (1).jpeg
storybook lane 4.jpeg
storybook lane 6.jpeg
storybook lane 7.jpeg
storybook lane 9.jpeg
storybook lane 10.jpeg

Mallory Plemons is one of Birdie's creative directors and photographers. “Storybook Lane” is a collection of images photographed at the Madonna Inn and in Solvang. The photos included in this collection were shot on a roll of Fujifilm Superia, which expired in 2003. Shooting expired film is always a gamble since there’s really no telling what kind of colors or textures the photos will end up having once the film is developed! In this case, the scanned negatives have mild blue and green hues, which gives the collection a magical and vintage feel. "Storybook Lane" was photographed on a Canon AE-1 Program.

You can find more of Mallory's work on her Instagram / @mplem.onfilm 

storybook lane 3.jpeg
storybook lane 2.jpeg
storybook lane 5.jpeg
storybook lane 8.jpeg
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