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"traveling with a blue suitcase"

by Julia Spencer

I am lost,

And yet it is so hard to be found.

Who will find me? Or are the pressures of my surroundings expecting me

To find myself.

State to state, apartment to house,

What makes a home?

It’s a constant cycle to move, not knowing where you’ll end up,

let alone where you belong.


A large blue suitcase rests at my side–Holding every clothing item that defines me,

Every clothing item that describes me.


I pack this blue suitcase, then I pack my car.

From place to place I search for where I belong, and yet,

I’m still lost.

Does this blue suitcase hold more than just my clothes?

This blue baggage is deeper than I would have thought.

It carries more than my clothes, it follows me to new and unknown places.

A hand-me-down that I never thought was peculiar besides its color.

Will I pass this on to someone I love after it’s through with me?

Will I only be found when I let go of this blue suitcase?

No matter the place, no matter the color, 

This blue suitcase follows me to places I cannot escape.

Julia Spencer obtained her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Irvine in English with a minor in Literary Journalism. She currently resides in El Paso, Texas with the goal of pursuing a career in either journalism or education. She appreciates all things conclusive with nature and hiking, enjoys live music and adores her cat Stella. 

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