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"And then the habitual storm broke through"

by Abby Melton

There's a strange balance of pains and flutters centered around my stomach.

A gripping sensation canceled out by elation of the things that are yet to come.

Yet a fear strikes deep,

That I wish not to keep

Made up of my own worst habits.

That they will take what I have

And turn it to black

To rot in the tenseness of my back.

I hope it not soon as the beginning is yet to come for these things I wish to know more of.

But with every single mistake, my heart will quake,

With an anxious and mourning tum.

My over exaggerations and clinging attractions and overall tendency to shout.

While picking at my skin and forcing a grin,

I fear to let my worst habits out.

It's scary and wonderful and dreadful and free,

All the while the thought of you serves as a remedy.

I'm trying and growing and breathing and tripping,

while still learning what it means to be.

Abby Melton grew up in Hollister, California and is currently a second year at the University of California, Irvine. She is an English major and has been featured in a handful of smaller anthologies including Live Poet's Society.

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